Please excuse the short hiatus, friends – I'm back! You haven't missed much though.. my maternity leave is over, I started a new job, bought a house, began major renovations and Layne's now a toddler. NBD.

I'm sorry, okay?! Here's to a new year and better blogger!


I thought I'd share the envelopes I made for The Elevated Envelope exchange. With the "summertime" theme in mind, I focused mine on the oh so under-appreciated bee! There's been some scary stuff circulating about the decline of our world's bee population. A third of our food supply depends on pollination and for some reason they are disappearing. Not cool.

I had wanted to try papercutting, so I decided to cut a honeycomb pattern out of the envelope. This revealed the yellow card inside. I lined the envelope with watercolour stripes and punched out the flight path of each bee. My note on the card included a few ways to help save our bees:

- Stop using insecticides
- Plant Bee-friendly plants
- Support your local beekeepers
  (or become one yourself!)

 I also added a beehive magnet and a minicard with my Etsy shop address.

I loved making these! And loved receiving others even more! Our lovely host, Tara, has been posting all the beautiful envelopes here.

so. much. fun. :)


This calendar was a popular item last year in my Etsy shop so I brought it back for 2012! It is provided with two months per page. All you need to do is print and make one cut down the center of the page. You can keep the calendar for yourself, give it as a gift, or do both – as many times as you like! 



I have never realized before how fast 10 months goes by. And I don't understand what I did with all my extra time before Layne. I'm going to need a faster camera in order to get pictures of her, in the meantime, cookies will work ;)