Have I mentioned I love weddings? True story. I have a few friends getting married and my obsession has resurfaced. They are just so beautiful and fun. And the invites, oh the invites.. how beautiful (and fun) are these?!


I'm excited to be part of The Elevated Envelope in the coming weeks. This is an exchange hosted by Tara Bliven of Ephemera Press. In her words: "Wouldn’t it be fun to be pen pals with incredibly creative, talented, smart strangers? That’s The Elevated Envelope in a nutshell."

So I have to come up with handmade envelope design that embody this round's summertime theme and create them to send out to other participants. I've been having fun with it lately. I love anything that gets me off the computer and working with my hands again. Plus, I can't wait to see the envelope's I receive!

If this is something you think you'd be interested in participating in, keep an eye out for the next round (Tara's thinking maybe January) sign-up here.


Ok, so apparently the sun in the sky directly effects my time spent blogging. I've been slacking, friends. But I'm back! This photo is a valid depiction of what I've been up to :)