I thought I'd share the envelopes I made for The Elevated Envelope exchange. With the "summertime" theme in mind, I focused mine on the oh so under-appreciated bee! There's been some scary stuff circulating about the decline of our world's bee population. A third of our food supply depends on pollination and for some reason they are disappearing. Not cool.

I had wanted to try papercutting, so I decided to cut a honeycomb pattern out of the envelope. This revealed the yellow card inside. I lined the envelope with watercolour stripes and punched out the flight path of each bee. My note on the card included a few ways to help save our bees:

- Stop using insecticides
- Plant Bee-friendly plants
- Support your local beekeepers
  (or become one yourself!)

 I also added a beehive magnet and a minicard with my Etsy shop address.

I loved making these! And loved receiving others even more! Our lovely host, Tara, has been posting all the beautiful envelopes here.

so. much. fun. :)