There are tons of discussions about the new Starbucks logo. For their 40th anniversary they're celebrating with a redesign. I don't think it's huge departure from the old. Though, dropping the name just shows how strong their brand identity is.. or how strong they believe it is. Here are some other corporate logo redesigns - some I think are great, other's are.. Gap (too much?) ;)


I just realized that Style Me Pretty has a magazine! I stalked this blog for months while I was planning our wedding. It's such a great inspiration blog for event planning, fashion, photography, print design, crafting, etc. Now, they've compiled the best wedding's featured of 2010 in one pretty little e-glossy - swoon!


This print was added to my Etsy shop today. It can be customized with a special little one's name and birth date to add some character to a room, while making counting fun. You can chose from a few different colour combinations and of course it's printable – as are all items in my shop. This way it's an economical way to have custom artwork that you can display in any way you choose! Here it is in my Etsy shop.


Even when I'm expecting it, I love getting mail. I received my PUJ Go Sling from today and so far I love it! I've tried several different types of slings and wraps in the past few months and I think I've finally found one that works for us. It's easy to get on/off, it's comfortable, feels secure, it's pretty, and most of all, Layne seems to love it!

I'm loving PUJ products. We also have their tub and have been really happy with it. One design principle I always keep in mind is that good design should be invisible. If done well, it will enhance experiences by simplifying the process. PUJ, with their "simplifying parenthood" tagline, seems to agree.

Have I said I love PUJ?


A little Valentine's DIY anyone? These hearts are super cute! Here's the DIY. (via oh, hello friend

If I knew anything about crocheting, I would try it. But since I don't, I might just purchase them from this Etsy Shop. Cute, no? Look at those birds. And the food. Ah-dorable.



With a baby who isn't the biggest fan of sleeping, I'm often wandering around random places trying to get her to have a decent nap. Today's random wander was Chapters - partly because of the Starbucks fix, partly because I love looking at pretty things. In either case, I'm glad I was there, because I came across this object of beauty. *Le sigh* This book is gorgeous! To see it on screen doesn't even do it justice. The paper stock is amazing and the colours are beautiful. And beyond that, the story sounds interesting and has had some largely positive reviews. Very impressive, Mr. Martin. If ever there is a time that I have a moment to myself again, this just may be the lucky book that I will share it with.

The designer, Darren Booth, talks about his process on his blog here. Amazing talent.


I just happened upon this Fonts In Use case study of The Basement at London’s Science Museum. The identity and wayfinding uses Sasson, a typeface designed by Rosemary Sassoon. Its design was the outcome of Sassoon's research with the children themselves to determine what kind of letters are easiest for them to read.

I have had some experience with this typeface after working on an identity and learning materials for a local speech-language pathologist, Jill Hicks. I have to admit that, as a designer, when I was told Sassoon was the only font I could use, it was discouraging. I love fonts. And at first glance, as far as I was concerned, I may as well be using Comic Sans. Ew. Though after working with Jill on her materials and leaning about her kinesthetic approach, I appreciate the function of the font, and in turn have warmed to it's form. It was a great reminder, for me, of typography's purpose. I love what was done for The Basement. It's great to see this typeface being used more and used well.


This has been posted on a ton of design blogs lately... guess I'm not the only one that feels like this chart defines life! A little ugly sauce anyone? :) Might just have to order one of these prints.


My baby girl is three months old today. Three whole months. As much as I would like to be like, "I can't believe it".. what I actually can't believe is that it's only been three months. How can she have only been part of my life for three months! Shouldn't she be a year by now? I guess it's that she fits in so well. She's fun to have around.

No one could have ever said anything to have prepared me for life after October 19, 2010. And I would have a hard time giving advice to a soon-to-be first time mom about what to expect, how she will feel and what to do. Every mom and baby are different, I don't think my experience could be compared to anyone else's, though here are some things I learned:

- Labour was no fun, but the recovery was worse
- All dignity is lost and left at the hospital
- Babies are expensive and require expensive things
- Love developed but did not happen at first sight
- Layne does not have a snooze button
- Poop has become a regular topic
- No amount of baby blankets will be enough
- Snot suckers are very important
- Sleeping when the baby sleeps doesn't happen
- Breastfeeding hurts and may not work for every mom
- Swings are incredible inventions
- Life as we knew it hasn't ended, it's just gotten better
- Love is an amazing feeling

It's been a tough few months in many ways, but I wouldn't have traded a moment of it. I love being a mom and could not possibly love that little girl any more.

Design. Lifestyle. Photography. Fashion. Events. Styling. Art Direction.

Yes, please! I wish I could be at the Alt Summit this week - so many amazingly talented people in one place. I'll be watching the twitter feeds and keeping an eye over all the blogs. Can't wait to here how it is!


I love art. I love places that have artwork everywhere you look. Covering every wall. But you would never know it walking into my home. This is because I don't just want anything on the wall. I don't feel the need to fill space. I'm waiting for something I love. Also, I have so many ideas to create things myself.. I'm just waiting for that time thing to happen. Not time to throw something up, time to create something I love, to create something well, something with meaning.

I'm going to make time.


So I've been very into DIY gifts lately. Not only do they provide unique and memorable gifts, but they are incredibly economical and very fun :) One of my holiday projects was to make homemade lip balms. After testing lots of different ingredients and flavors, I was really happy with the final outcome. I'll be making more soon. I found the containers at Michaels and made oh so cute custom labels. LOVE.

Here's the winning recipe:

- 3 teaspoons grated beeswax
- 5 teaspoons sunflower oil
- 6/7 drops flavour (Favourites are peppermint extract, honey and coconut oil)

1. Mix the beeswax and oil together, microwave in short intervals while stirring to combine
2. Mix in flavour to melted mixture. (You could add in some lipstick shavings for color)
3. Pour the mixture into containers. Let sit 20 minutes before covering


Photo credit:
Brides 2011 was today and I missed it. I so wanted to go, but realize that I have no reason.. as I am married and have no wedding to plan. But I love weddings. I love everything about the day, the celebration, the elegance.. every detail.

After planning my own wedding this year, I realized just how much I love to plan events. I since have had an opportunity to work with some happy couples to design their wedding stationery and accessories for their big day and cannot wait to do more of this.


When I was a teenager, I almost got a tattoo based on my zodiac sign. Dodged a bullet there! I'm having a hard time with this new zodiac arrangement. Perhaps I should celebrate the change with a cute new pillow for my newly virgo little girl:

Here are the new Zodiac Sign dates:

Capricorn: Jan. 20 – Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11
Pisces: March 11 – April 18
Aries: April 18 – May 13
Taurus: May 13 – June 21
Gemini: June 21 – July 20
Cancer: July 20 – Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10 – Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16 – Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30 – Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23 – Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29 – Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17 – Jan. 20


With 2011 having turned it's corner, my most popular Etsy item is not so popular anymore. Though, this just means it's time for some new ideas! Valentine's day perhaps? Who doesn't love love?



So here I am, years later, jumping on the blog train. Why now? Not sure. It might have something to do with me attempting to organize my thoughts, to have a place to store all my ideas in one place, to figure out what it all means. Or it might have something to do with me being a new mom, home alone, with a need to communicate with beings other than my little girl and dog all day. Not sure.

In any case, I'm excited to see what happens :)