Photo credit: suzannephotography.ca
Brides 2011 was today and I missed it. I so wanted to go, but realize that I have no reason.. as I am married and have no wedding to plan. But I love weddings. I love everything about the day, the celebration, the elegance.. every detail.

After planning my own wedding this year, I realized just how much I love to plan events. I since have had an opportunity to work with some happy couples to design their wedding stationery and accessories for their big day and cannot wait to do more of this.


  1. One of my good friends became an event planner after her wedding because she loved doing it so much, maybe you have found your calling? :) Just stumbled upon your blog and Love it!

  2. ok, so one time when i was thinking about getting married (ok, one second time), i totally said "maybe we can hire ashley to help us with design etc!!!" not a word of a lie.
    and i'll totally take you to brides 2012 :)

  3. @Rachel - Oh, how fun would that be, maybe so! And I;m so glad you like it :) @Julia - Oh you.. Yes, please!