My baby girl is three months old today. Three whole months. As much as I would like to be like, "I can't believe it".. what I actually can't believe is that it's only been three months. How can she have only been part of my life for three months! Shouldn't she be a year by now? I guess it's that she fits in so well. She's fun to have around.

No one could have ever said anything to have prepared me for life after October 19, 2010. And I would have a hard time giving advice to a soon-to-be first time mom about what to expect, how she will feel and what to do. Every mom and baby are different, I don't think my experience could be compared to anyone else's, though here are some things I learned:

- Labour was no fun, but the recovery was worse
- All dignity is lost and left at the hospital
- Babies are expensive and require expensive things
- Love developed but did not happen at first sight
- Layne does not have a snooze button
- Poop has become a regular topic
- No amount of baby blankets will be enough
- Snot suckers are very important
- Sleeping when the baby sleeps doesn't happen
- Breastfeeding hurts and may not work for every mom
- Swings are incredible inventions
- Life as we knew it hasn't ended, it's just gotten better
- Love is an amazing feeling

It's been a tough few months in many ways, but I wouldn't have traded a moment of it. I love being a mom and could not possibly love that little girl any more.


  1. What a beautiful post Ashley! I'm glad to hear that you're so happy with life with your wee little one. She is pretty adorable – but no surprise seeing where she came from. xox

  2. PS: Love, Beverley (not Admin)