So I've been very into DIY gifts lately. Not only do they provide unique and memorable gifts, but they are incredibly economical and very fun :) One of my holiday projects was to make homemade lip balms. After testing lots of different ingredients and flavors, I was really happy with the final outcome. I'll be making more soon. I found the containers at Michaels and made oh so cute custom labels. LOVE.

Here's the winning recipe:

- 3 teaspoons grated beeswax
- 5 teaspoons sunflower oil
- 6/7 drops flavour (Favourites are peppermint extract, honey and coconut oil)

1. Mix the beeswax and oil together, microwave in short intervals while stirring to combine
2. Mix in flavour to melted mixture. (You could add in some lipstick shavings for color)
3. Pour the mixture into containers. Let sit 20 minutes before covering

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