Even when I'm expecting it, I love getting mail. I received my PUJ Go Sling from babysteals.com today and so far I love it! I've tried several different types of slings and wraps in the past few months and I think I've finally found one that works for us. It's easy to get on/off, it's comfortable, feels secure, it's pretty, and most of all, Layne seems to love it!

I'm loving PUJ products. We also have their tub and have been really happy with it. One design principle I always keep in mind is that good design should be invisible. If done well, it will enhance experiences by simplifying the process. PUJ, with their "simplifying parenthood" tagline, seems to agree.

Have I said I love PUJ?


  1. What an adorable photo! Don't be surprised if they ask to use her photo as she is far cuter than the baby on the box!

    I love the fabric. Oh how I long to have a proper fabric store near by.

  2. Oh and I have her from every angle possible, there'd be so many to choose from :) I know, right? Someone would have a very successful business opening one here..