I just happened upon this Fonts In Use case study of The Basement at London’s Science Museum. The identity and wayfinding uses Sasson, a typeface designed by Rosemary Sassoon. Its design was the outcome of Sassoon's research with the children themselves to determine what kind of letters are easiest for them to read.

I have had some experience with this typeface after working on an identity and learning materials for a local speech-language pathologist, Jill Hicks. I have to admit that, as a designer, when I was told Sassoon was the only font I could use, it was discouraging. I love fonts. And at first glance, as far as I was concerned, I may as well be using Comic Sans. Ew. Though after working with Jill on her materials and leaning about her kinesthetic approach, I appreciate the function of the font, and in turn have warmed to it's form. It was a great reminder, for me, of typography's purpose. I love what was done for The Basement. It's great to see this typeface being used more and used well.

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